​Protect yourself 24/7 with yoursafe, the app that turns your smartphone into a powerful personal security device.

Location Tracking

A1 Graded Control Room

Video Streaming

Guard Response

Complete peace of mind

A lot of us take personal safety for granted. But the reality is that bad things can happen – and it’s important to be prepared for them. So it’s good to know that with the yoursafe app on your smartphone, you’re never alone, whether you’re walking home late at night, alone in a suspicious cab, or in a dangerous part of town.

That’s because with just one tap of a panic button, you can send an alert to our monitored 24/7 control room, where a trained operator will execute your pre-designated action plan.

Guaranteed personal response

Because your friends, family or colleagues may not always get the message in the event of an emergency, yoursafe is monitored around the clock from our Australian Standards approved central control room. Your alert will not be handled by a computer or automated system, but by a trained operator, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If your situation is not resolved by speaking to our staff or through your contact network, a licensed security guard can be sent to your location (available in metro areas).

Business and Personal

yoursafe offers a range of packages for different needs and levels of protection. Business packages are available for companies of 5 to 500 employees. yoursafe is used by small and large organisations alike to secure their employees. Essential for shift-workers, night-staff, couriers and front-line personnel.

24/7 Assured Response

An SOS from your phone is treated as a personal duress with priority one status. Our highly trained and certified operators are ready to respond, day or night, and will stay online with you for as long as you need.

Location Tracking

We pin-point your location, and then track you as you move, using GPS and GEO-location technology. This means your operator can help guide you, as well as direct security or emergency services to your exact location.

Video and Audio Streaming

Real-time video and audio are streamed directly from your phone to your yoursafe operator, so they can see what you see. Video is also recorded, in case you need to review it later, or provide it to law enforcement.

Emergency Contacts

On SOS activation, your phone automatically calls our control room, connecting you to an operator. Your pre-assigned emergency contacts are also immediately contacted by SMS or email. You can also use the in-app messaging feature to chat with your operator.

Flic Button

The flic button enables you to to activate an SOS without needing to operate your phone. It’s as simple as pressing a button for 5 seconds to trigger. Needing only minimal setup, the Flic smart button is the perfect complement to the yoursafe App. The Flic button is an optional extra, available for $35.

Escort Me

A special feature that monitors you for a preset time of your choosing. If you feel unsafe, use this feature to set a time-frame according to your activity. When the selected time expires, an SOS alert will be activated, reporting your location and calling the yoursafe control room.

A1 Graded Control Room

Our security monitoring control room is A1 graded. That’s the highest level of accreditation that can be achieved in Australia, and it guarantees that we’ll always be ensuring your safety, no matter what.

Guard Response

If your situation is not resolved by speaking to your operator or through your contact network, a licensed security guard can be sent to your location at a cost of $150 (available in metro areas).