Time to upgrade from 3G to 4G

Welcome to the future with 4G and Mammoth Security

The world is moving fast, and so should you. With the imminent end of 3G services, it’s time to upgrade your security systems to 4G. Not only does this offer faster and more reliable connectivity, but it also prepares you for future advancements in technology.

We have a range of 4G devices at discounted prices for upgrades. Our promise is simple – providing reliable, innovative safety and security solutions that help you stay safe and secure 24/7.

Special offer for 3G to 4G upgrades

We are offering special prices for our 3G to 4G upgrades. Usually priced at $150, our DTUs are available for just $50 (Ex. GST) when used for upgrades. Order a bunch of DTUs, and we will bill you only $55, including GST per unit.

Inner range 3G to 4G trade-in offer

Upgrade your 3G T4000 or competitor 3G communicators to 4G T4000s and enjoy our exclusive exchange pricing. For a quantity of 10+, get each unit at just $49.00 (Ex. GST).

Terms and conditions apply.


Ready to upgrade?

Don’t wait for the 3G network to become obsolete. Upgrade your security systems now and stay ahead of the curve.

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