Security Risk Consulting

Sometimes part of this process is identifying where things are going wrong. In these cases, we help you identify issues using our investigations and counter surveillance services. These investigations are undertaken in compliance with Australian laws – and importantly can be used in a court of law.


Our highly trained professional staff has a wealth of knowledge in threat assessment across multiple industries and applying reliable, high quality security solutions that safeguard against potential threats. All our security risk consulting analyses the areas where your business may be vulnerable and yields actionable points on how to strengthen these vulnerabilities.



Security Risk Consulting

Threat Protect works with its business clients to achieve gold standard security practices. This will include both security and protection solutions along with developing a security culture in your business.


By working with you and your organisation, we review existing security measures, provide advice and develop your comprehensive Security Management Plan.


We do this with your specific budget and goals in mind. However, above all, we do this applying our years of experience and training so that we ensure your business achieves security without compromise.

Threat, Risk, Vulnerability Assessments

Many organisations regularly health check their management systems. From their safety and health programs to their quality, environmental and financial systems. A Threat Protect security assessment allows you to health check your security systems. As an aspect of a business which intertwines with just about all others, security is critical to protecting your people, assets and brand.


Having a greater understanding of how strong your protection measures are relative to your organisation’s threat rating, puts the knowledge and power back in your hands to best protect your business.


Working with partners to provide not only the assessment of any applicable vulnerabilities but the associated impacts that these may cause in the ever-increasing likelihood of a major incident, Threat Protect consultants provide realistic, relevant advice and appropriate recommendations to ensure your business can enjoy security without compromise.


Threat Protect is a licensed inquiry agent in accordance with WA Policing Licensing. We have numerous licensed investigators and operational partners in a variety of areas that allow us to provide you with a comprehensive suite of corporate risk mitigation solutions.

These solutions can include:

  • Investigation Services – used by many companies in cases of suspected wrongdoing internally by staff such as fraud and theft.

  • Due Diligence – background checking and confirmation of claim.

  • Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) – commonly referred to as bug sweeping. In this age of readily available technology, this type of threat is fast becoming more common. Used by many organisations during the occupation of a new premises, during high level board meetings or on suspicion of insider dealings, TSCM can prevent a major information breach before it’s too late.

  • Surveillance Services – Often used in support of an investigation, surveillance services can confirm or deny allegations and claims made against your company. Always handled with utmost discretion and confidence, contact us today for more details.

Counter Surveillance

Threat Protect can offer solutions with respect to counter surveillance and matters of corporate confidentiality. With sophisticated surveillance equipment readily available online, for less than a few hundred dollars, your organisation could be targeted by criminals more easily than you’d think, in developed and developing markets alike.


Whether it’s a covertly placed camera recording your patented production process or a listening device collecting confidential or market sensitive information for competitors, without appropriate counter surveillance procedures, you may never know who knows your secrets.


Threat Protect experts are trained to know exactly where to look and what to look for. They will conduct a thorough physical search for any unauthorised devices.


Our teams also carry out an electronic sweep to expose any sophisticated recording devices. Many of our counter-surveillance clients ask us to sweep boardrooms and CEOs’ offices prior to sensitive meetings, or to provide counter-surveillance cover when such meetings are held outside of their premises.

Industry Experience

Threat Protect has provided security personnel and protection services to many companies and organisations across a broad range of industries.

We have worked in the following sectors:

  • Resources / Energy / Mining

  • Retail / Corporate

  • Food Processing and Primary Production

  • Government

  • High Value Assets and Materials

  • Large Scale Events

We invite you to review our Case Studies for examples of how we have assisted our clients with security personnel and protection services.

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