Security Personnel Manpower Services

Threat Protect offers a wide range of security personnel for businesses of all kinds. These range from personal protection for travelling executives to security officers offering protection for retail employees. Our full range of services and our industry experience are detailed below.

Sometimes part of this process is identifying where things are going wrong. In these cases, we help you identify issues using our investigations and counter them.

Security Officers

Uniformed officers, whether in a patrolling or static role, can play a critical part in protecting people and property, as well as providing information for a client’s benefit.

  • All our officers are highly trained and fully licensed, and many have a military or law enforcement background.

  • We’ve provided security officers for large industrial complexes, hospitals, mine sites and retail chains.

Personal Protection

The protection of people, known as Close Personal Protection (CPP), can be required in any environment, from countries that are politically and socially unstable, to those in the developed world.

CPP often becomes part of a security management plan when a threat is perceived to exist to specific individuals. Typical users of CPP include:

  • Mining executives traveling to remote areas of potentially unstable countries.

  • Executives who must travel overseas for meetings or seminars.

  • Dignitaries, celebrities and other VIPs.

  • Individuals at risk of kidnap, assault or harassment.

Our Executive Protection teams vary in size from a single operative to larger groups who are responsible for securing all family members and residences as required.


We can provide concierge personnel who provide a security presence as well as delivering reception services including the following:

  • Access control.

  • Alarm or emergency response.

  • Coordination of emergency procedures.

  • Management and supervision of contractors.

  • Programmed, scheduled and synchronized checks and reporting.

Secure Transport

We provide a secure personal delivery and transport service performed by highly trained security operatives.

Unlike a normal courier company, when a package can be handled by multiple employees and left unattended, you’re assured of confidentiality and reliability, knowing that the operative who collects the package is the same person who presents it to the recipient.

Our secure transport service can dramatically reduce many risks, including:

  • Injury to staff as a result of robbery.

  • Theft of valuable items.

  • Sensitive material being accessed by unauthorised individuals.

  • Occupational health and safety issues involved in sending your employees into high-risk environments.

Using a secure transport service can also help minimise client insurance premiums, particularly with regards to the carriage of cash and valuables.

We normally provide plain-clothes operational staff to perform transport services, however at client request we can provide fully uniformed personnel.

Industry Experience

Threat Protect has provided security personnel and protection services to many companies and organisations across a broad range of industries.

We have worked in the following sectors:

  • Resources / Energy / Mining

  • Retail / Corporate

  • Food Processing and Primary Production

  • Government

  • High Value Assets and Materials

  • Large Scale Events

We invite you to review our Case Studies for examples of how we have assisted our clients with security personnel and protection services.

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