Monitored Security Systems

Mammoth Security provides a range of security technology options from basic entry alarms and movement detection sensors, to advanced anti-cloaking and digital tracking systems.
We pride ourselves on using the highest quality and most technologically advanced alarm products available in Australia. All of our products are supplied with a one-year manufacturer warranty along with our exceptional after sales service. Threat Protect technology is supported by an expert team who will advise you about the best systems for your premises on site. What this means is that your monitored security system will be one you can trust.

Intruder Detection

Threat Protect offers alarm systems for all businesses – from large industrial complexes to boutique corporate spaces. We provide a range of solutions tailored to meet your assessed security needs including small discreet wireless systems to far reaching, fully integrated technology.

Access Control

Our access control solutions range from a simple swipe card entry to magnetic and even biometric systems, all of which ensure restricted access to areas within your premises.

Tailored Approach – We tailor our solutions to suit each client’s premises which can be adapted as requirements change.

Expert Advice – Our experienced team is able to provide access evaluations from small business premises up to large multi-site corporations.


CCTV provides an essential level of security for businesses of all sizes, capturing pin-sharp detail and serving as a key visual deterrent.

Accredited – We provide state-of-the-art Australian Standards approved digital recording systems that offer added security for your team plus surveillance of your premises for further investigation after any incidents.

Overt or covert – Surveillance can be either overt or covert depending on your specific requirements.

24/7 Cameras or Time Specific – The camera system can be linked to a bank of monitors and recording equipment that can operate 24 hours a day or during specific time windows.

Remote Access – App and web-based remote surveillance ensures that you can keep an eye on your business at all times.

Immediate Surveillance – We can also provide monitoring by our control room personnel in the event of an alarm activation, providing immediate feedback and confirmation of any unauthorised access.

Lone Worker Duress Alarm

We know you can’t always be there, and you want your employees to get home safely to their families each day.

Mammoth Security provide a range of lone worker safety solutions to help keep you staff safe and help you to meet your Work Health & Safety obligations.

 With mobile personal safety devices and App based solutions that utilise 4G mobile & GPRS technology, you can feel assured knowing that we can be there when you can’t.

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