About Us

Our Story

Our focus is simple, we provide reliable, innovative safety and security solutions that help keep people and their communities stay safe and secure – 24/7.

​No matter where you are in life, we understand that safety & security is important. Whether it’s buying a family home, having kids, starting a business, your kids growing up and finding their independence, hitting the road after retirement, or wanting to stay in your own home forever, we can help keep what’s important to you safe & secure, 24/7.

​We are all faced with threats and hazards that place our safety and security at risk. At Mammoth Security our commitment to our customers is to provide products and services that give you peace of mind, certainty and assurance and knowing that we have you covered.

​Mammoth Security provides versatile and reliable 24/7 safety and security solutions that meet all your needs and innovative, cost effective and supported by the best customer experience in Australia.

​Whether it be for your business or your workers, your home or your kids, mum or dad or even the beloved pet, our security solutions will help protect you and keep you connected with what’s important, prevent risk and reduce vulnerability – 24/7/365.

​Our safety and security solutions are backed by experienced security professionals, trained emergency response operators and optimised response plans that provide confidence for our customers – 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Our Difference

Australian Built & Supported

Mammoth Security (formerly Threat Protect) is a proudly Australian owned and operated business. Part of the ASX listed Intelligent Monitoring Group (ASX:IMB) we been protecting people, property, and assets since 1998. We understand that it’s important to support local business and it’s at the core of everything that we do, from the people that we employ to the suppliers that we engage with.

Innovative Solutions

No matter what your safety or security concern, we commit to harnessing cutting edge technology to design and develop effective solutions to meet your needs. With an emphasis on tech, we’re looking for new ways to solve common problems, improve operations and optimise efficiency and to give greater certainty for all of our customers.

Keeping it local

Our local partners are key to our success and your peace of mind. We team up with local partners around Australia to provide you with alarm installations and maintenance, ensuring that your service is local as well.
Monkey Vision

Our Security Camera Brand

We first began with security cameras, aiming to develop industry leading smart cameras that were full of functionality and easy to use. We’ve done just that. Now we’re doing the same for other systems.